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Pack Walks

We hope you will join us! Our popular pack walks are great opportunity to provide social exposure; both to other dogs and people, and to enjoy the outdoors while working on loose leash skills. Everyone is welcome to come to these events.  While we do not require perfect walking skills, we do require you have basic control over your dog for safety purposes.  All participants must have proof on the required vaccinations (Rabies, Distemper and Bordatella) and a flea/tick preventative. We love providing a socialization opportunity for you and your dog, but for this event we do not allow the dogs up to each other for on-leash greetings. We walk together as a group, stopping as needed to clean up after our dogs and to regroup if we get too spread out. This is a great opportunity for dogs to be around dogs of all sizes and temperaments. Because we feel that providing socialization and social exposure to dogs is incredibly important, this is a free event.  Contact Jana via phone/text or Email for more information.


We feel that socialization is incredibly important!  We provide people with a structured, safe-as-possible environment to let their dogs experience off-leash socialization with other dogs. Because dogs are interacting with each other during this class, we do require an evaluation be completed before attending.  A discussion of the rules will be included with the evaluations. If your dog has been a part of our boarding and/or training program, and we have had your dog in a play group, an evaluation is not required.  However, you will be required to have a discussion with Jana about the rules and expectations of social group. For safety reasons, we everyone must agree to, and follow, all rules.  


Dogs start off at different levels. Some are willing to, and wanting, play or to just hang out with other dogs, while other dogs face challenges and may start off muzzled, on leash, or on leash and muzzled. Along with Jana and Austin there are trained volunteers facilitating socials, keeping dogs safe as well as being a supportive shadow (helping dogs make good choices and be successful) for dogs on leash. We hold socials outside, weather permitting, with a large sand pile and kiddie pools for the dogs to play in.  In inclement weather, we utilize our training room.  


Participating dogs are split into two different groups: small dogs/puppies and medium/large dogs. This class is great for dogs that love to socialize, dogs that may need to learn proper social etiquette, & dogs that can struggle in social situations. To participate, please contact Jana via phone/text or  Email

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