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Helping Dogs & People
a Better Connection

 Our Mission

To share what we observe and learn. Dogs provide us with so much, on so many levels, and we want to give back.  


Together we want to build a world in which every dog has a home in which he is understood and valued.   

Every Dog Deserves a Well Trained Human -

                                              Jana Nichols

Welcome to Northwest Wisconsin's Premiere Canine Connection!

Comprehensive Dog Services--Boarding, Classes, Private Lessons, Consultations, Workshops, Jump Start,  In-Kennel-Training,  Socialization & Pack Walks

Relationship Based Training

Whether you are starting life with a new puppy or dog, are challenged with undesirable behaviors, or simply looking to connect with your dog on a different level…..we are here to help!  Our Certified Canine Training & Behavior Specialist has helped thousands of humans and their dogs establish and maintain a mutually beneficial relationship.


Common Reasons People Contact Us:

*New Dog/Puppy  *General Manners  *Jumping, Barking, Over-Excitement

*Fear/Anxiety  *Destructive/Self-Destructive Behaviors  *Aggression: People, Dog, Food

*Loose Leash Walking  *Relationship Building  *Socialization




Boarding:  Your Dog's Home Away from Home

Need a place for your dog to stay while you are traveling or vacationing?  We offer both short and long term boarding for your canine companion(s). Family owned and operated facility.  We pride ourselves on caring for your dog as though he is part of our family.

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